Transformation and New Building TORINO

Arch. Emanuela Maffei e Arch. Lodovica Roncaglione

E. Maffei L. Roncaglione Architetti

10 months 500 mq


The project involved the complete renovation and rebuilding of a carpentry of the late ‘800, located inside a courtyard of a building of the Turin hill. The space has been reshaped “inside” a courtyard of about 70 square meters, which has become the “heart” of the house with floor-to-ceiling windows; architectural solution designed to give brightness to any room, without in any way reducing the internal privacy of the structure.


The architects Emanuela Maffei and Lodovica Roncaglione thus conceived a single-family housing unit of about 600 square meters, arranged on two levels above ground and a basement. The choice of materials was designed to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the industrial architecture of the late 1800s. Wood, exposed bricks, concrete and iron are the protagonists of this environment. To make the house comfortable, great attention has been paid to the acoustic and air treatment aspects, fundamental elements in the new concept of living. Performance excellence was achieved with the use of alternative energies, employing five geothermal probes of 136 m each, which, through a radiant floor, give the house a pure sensation of perceived well-being, using very low operating temperatures.


The Old Carpentry Project is the winner of the Residential category of the Ferreri Costruzioni Award, conceived in partnership with a network of leading companies in the building materials sector with the aim of encouraging the realization of more and more projects with characteristics of energy efficiency and architectural elegance.