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Gruppo Ferreri is the group of general construction, renovation and building services companies that has its origins in 1933 in Turin.
The vocation for attention to detail, high internal professionalism and strategic partnerships, the search for new technologies and the propensity for innovation have always characterized its evolution, protecting the company from the cyclical crises of the market.

Gruppo Ferreri brings together the historic company Ferreri Costruzioni Srl, the young FC General Contractor Srl, Soluzioni Manageriali Srl and the international branches Ferreri France and Ferreri Luxembourg. The FC General Contractor offices in via Figlie dei Militari 1 bis in Turin and the offices in via Giacomo Matteotti 9 in Turin, via Circo 7 in Milan and 334 Rue Nicolas Parent in Chambery are flanked by the headquarters in the historic spaces of via Ferrante Aporti 15 in Turin.

Gruppo Ferreri has been a partner of the Turin Constructors’ Association for several years and has proudly achieved the ISO9001 certification and the certificate of Excellence, Product craftsmanship and High Quality materials.

Experience and Sustainability

The growth of the group has developed through the realization of important orders in Italy and abroad, both with private clients and with universally known brands. The long experience has allowed Gruppo Ferreri to evolve and change, always offering solutions with an eye towards the future and high quality standards. The new challenges that Gruppo Ferreri is successfully winning concern two fundamental areas: increasingly sustainable projects and a constant study of home automation at the service of the person in the family or work space and cloud data management with remote assistance to clients in the post construction site.

The excellence of our craftsmen, together with the high internal skills of our engineering professionals, have led to a sensitivity towards the environment and the use of sustainable materials that are no longer just a slogan but the everyday life in production processes and business planning. Gruppo Ferreri relies on a work group that combines all the skills necessary for the realization of a new project, from design to bureaucratic aspects, from construction work to fine finishes.

Quality and Innovation

The group, although now of considerable size, is able to follow and take care of all the phases in a precise and punctual way, such as the process of finishing, setting up and carpentry or the construction of gardens with qualified architects and agronomists. The efficiency in the design, development and implementation together with the optimization and containment of costs, involves a considerable number of actors who interact with each other: a compact network of internal and external professionals that allows the group to always place the needs of the client and to follow him entirely during the development of the project.
These characteristics make Gruppo Ferreri a solid and dynamic entrepreneurial reality, capable of looking beyond national borders.

Giacomo Livio Ferreri

Giacomo Livio FERRERI

Ferreri Costruzioni


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