Being able to count on quality jobs, save time and money, minimize risks. These are some of the advantages that only a certified construction company can guarantee to professionals and individuals who want to carry out their construction projects safely. From the Certificate of Excellence and Craftsmanship to ISO 9001, Ferreri Costruzioni has been attesting over the years more and more skills and guarantees.


The Italian Institute of Quality Certification is a reference point on the Italian and international market in the sector of product certification, company quality systems, personnel, environmental and services. In 2017, Ferreri Costruzioni received the prestigious Certificate of Excellence, Product Craftsmanship and High Quality Materials, followed by the Veritas badges of the FIODA (International Federation of Accreditation Bodies) and the Optymus Federal Circuit.

L'importanza di scegliere un'impresa edile certificata
L'importanza di scegliere un'impresa edile certificata
L'importanza di scegliere un'impresa edile certificata
L'importanza di scegliere un'impresa edile certificata


ISO 9001 is the most famous quality improvement standard and certifies that the organization has prepared and monitored optimization strategies for its work processes. Relying on a construction company with ISO 9001 certified standards, such as Ferreri Costruzioni, means being able to count on important advantages, such as saving time and money through efficient and profitable management practices and minimizing risks, because the services comply with the quality standard.

In particular, ISO 9001 certification shows that the organization:
– has set up an adequate quality management system
– analyzes and understands the needs and expectations of customers
– guarantees the characteristics of the product
– has determined and manages the processes to finalize the results
– guaranteed the availability of the necessary resources
– strives to prevent non-compliance and adopts improvement processes designed to resolve non-conformities, analyze the causes, carry out corrective actions and manage complaints
– has carried out an effective internal audit
– is continuously monitoring, measuring and improving the effectiveness of its quality management system.


For many years Ferreri Costruzioni has been a member of the Construction Association – ANCE Torino, that represents and supports companies with a structure dedicated to consulting and comparison. Studies, conferences, seminars and meetings are the fulcrum of the ANCE’s activity, to keep up to date on market developments.